Cricket Design Works

Cricket Design Works Right This Way

Cricket Design Works is a full-service visual communications consultancy in Madison, Wisconsin. We are graphic designers, web designers, writers and critical thinkers brought together by a common passion for compelling design and creative communication. We create strong brands that resonate with their intended audiences. From memorable logos and identity packages to environments that take you where you want to go, our work informs, engages and links people and brands. Take a peek »

Cricket Design Works Strategic Design

We approach our work from a variety of perspectives: the design challenge at hand, the business case for what we do, and the aesthetic impact of our solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients across media to navigate complex situations and craft beautifully effective communication. We excel at making complicated stories easy to grasp without dumbing things down. Learn more about us »

Cricket Design Works New Brand

Cricket Design Works helps to launch new businesses and organizations and assists companies to refresh their branding strategies or take their marketing further than they envisioned. We've helped our clients by designing visual identity packages, branded promotional materials, direct-mail, brochures, ads, product packaging, web sites, social media indoor environments and signage. See it in action »