Education Analytics

Naming & Visual ID, Web design & development, campaigns

Making data make sense

When Education Analytics (EA) came to us looking for a brand refresh, we jumped at the opportunity. Our experience in the education space has taught us a thing or two about making complicated information highly accessible.

EA is a non-profit that conducts research and develops analytics for their partners to make better decisions about education policies, programs and instruction. EA works at the nexus of research and technology to improve the education system and create positive outcomes for students. This intersection was a key inspiration for EA’s new visual identity.

At its simplest, the new logo represents the organization’s acronym: an E and an A. Its overall balance shows equity, while the interconnecting parts speak to collaboration and partnership. The logo also operates at a deeper level, showing the interplay between research and technology. As a mark it’s round but stable, with a bold color palette that evolved from EA’s previous visual identity.

During our discovery phase, we realized that our own goals were not so different from those of EA. Both of us ground our work in gaining a better understanding of our target audience. Our user-centered design approach involves user interviews to ensure our design solutions address pain points specific to teachers, students and leaders.

When designing a logo, our conceptual process is just that: A process. We explored different ways of visualizing connection, iteration, and collaboration.

Having rapid support and response made us feel like we were in good hands—like a true partnership.

Libby Pier

Director of Impact, Education Analytics

We developed a collection of illustrations to represent EA’s four areas of expertise, in a loose, approachable style that represents data analytics and education with a human focus. This aesthetic extends to a broad suite of icons that they use across their website and communications.

EA had grown rapidly and expanded their capabilities beyond their roots as an organization specializing in educational growth models. We worked with them to build a brand identity that showcased their expanded capabilities, with case studies and publications to share their expertise.

Cricket Redman

Creative Director & Principal

We applied the new visual identity and messaging to a full website redesign. During the content architecture and design phase, we were challenged to create a structure that shows the breadth of what EA does in a way that would be easy to navigate and digest.

Within the main brand family, EA creates products that have unique visual identities. The Rally Analytics Platform and StartingBlocks are each cobranded with EA, using the same type and color as the main EA brand, paired with additional unique elements.

Helping teachers know their students

When the pandemic hit, we knew students and We used a user-centered design approach to delivered front-end design for EA’s Rally Analytics Platform, a product that streamlines data from nebulous sources to help teachers with instructional planning. We knew it wasn’t enough to just have access to the data—teachers need interpretations of this data to help them help their students. Our design streamlines information to make it digestible and actionable.

Helping students take control of their academic career

The College Roadmap is a unique education reporting system that shows students (and their parents) where they are on their journey to college. From early middle school through high school, students get not only a snapshot of their progress, but also guidance on how to stay on track. We developed messaging and designed report templates to make sense of attendance records, test scores, grades and other information.