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Reimagining teaching through strategic communications

TNTP is a leading voice for change in public education, and we’ve been with them since the beginning. We've designed more than a dozen white paper reports, and rolled out extensive communication and social media campaigns to publicize their release. We’ve also supported TNTP press conferences by creating print materials, signage, Powerpoint presentations, and micro-sites.

We’ve collaborated with TNTP and more than 20 school districts to brand and develop hiring campaigns that leverage website design and development, social and traditional media to attract the best teaching talent in the country. With our help, TNTP has set the standard for how to release and promote policy reports that are readable, skimmable, and memorable.

We developed an approach to report design that engages readers and helps convey complicated information in an accessible and artful way.

Our work with TNTP has garnered national acclaim, been referenced in the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaigns, and opened doors for us in the field, and led to engagements with The National Council on Teacher Quality, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EdNavigator, Bain, The Fordham Institute, Pencil, New Visions for Public Schools, Educators for Excellence, The Broad Center and The Smithsonian Institution. We believe that good work begets more opportunities to do good work.

TNTP launched a new initiative to award and promote teaching excellence in classrooms across America. The award was named for an outstanding math teacher who worked in one of Washington DC’s most challenging schools. The Cricket team designed a visual identity, developed part of the TNTP website to manage nominations, and created a campaign to celebrate the award winners (by placing ads in the NYTimes and other major news publications and promoting essays written by the winners at the end of their summer fellowships.)