Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

Naming & Visual ID, Web design & development, campaigns

Branding that brings you closer to the music

The WCO is an intimate music experience—its invitation to "get close to the music" rings true, even as it reaches out to communities across the state. In 2008, we helped the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO)'s create a visual identity that would appeal to a younger and more diverse audience. In 2015, we refreshed the identity again. We also developed annual campaigns for their Masterworks and Concerts on the Square series for eight consecutive years.

I’m very proud of the work. We had some pretty serious creative freedom — we pushed their boundaries, and the project pushed mine. We got there by asking “what if” a lot.

Tracy Harris

Creative Director

Andrew was... impressed. He loves how you do your research and says you're very articulate. YAY YOU!

Sue Ellen McGuire

Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra