Wormfarm Institute

Brand strategy, Naming & Visual ID, campaigns

Brand architecture that lasts

Wormfarm Institute is dedicated to integrating culture and the land, and is an evolving laboratory of the arts and ecology–a truly fertile ground for creative work. In 2016, the team at Wormfarm came to us in need of a brand strategy that connected the Institute to its better-known sub-brand, Fermentation Fest. We subsequently created the visual identity for both Wormfarm itself and Fermentation Fest, and have created collateral ever since.

We designed a case statement brochure for the Wormfarm Institute to illustrate needs and highlight the community benefits of the organization to potential donors.

Planting a seed, cultivating, reaping what you sow... both farmer and artist have these activities in common. Art DTour brings art into the field across two counties in in Wisconsin's Driftless region.

We gave Fermentation Fest a contemporary aesthetic to highlight the culture and art they curate alongside their educational series featuring transformative subjects including dance, music, poetry and spoken-word, and crafting—all based around the alchemical powers of fermentation.

Fermentation Fest and Wormfarm do so much for the community of makers and doers – it’s not just about brewing beer or fermenting kimchi, it’s also about art and culture – in all forms – and bringing rural and urban communities together.

Tracy Harris

Creative Director

DTour has been featured on PBS's News Hour and written up in The New York Times for Wormfarm's ability to celebrate and build community around the sense of place.

We developed a poster that served as both the roster for Ferm Fest’s extensive class program and roadmap for the DTour, an immersive, internationally-curated collection of landscape-based art installations. We also developed a passport to connect businesses and communities throughout the region with events and activities on the tour.

In our third year working with Wormfarm, we created a schedule brochure for a new framework called “Test Plots.”