To have and to hold

The Cricket Design Works team of graphic designers creates beautiful and functional printed pieces, providing clients with simple solutions to complex communication problems. We work with clients to understand their needs and use our experience to highlight the best form factor for how the piece will function. We have great relationships with paper suppliers, print vendors and finishing shops to make complicated high end pieces and we understand how to source jobs so that you'll always get the best value for your job and quantity. Our experience ensures that the finished printed piece will convey the correct tangible feel for your audience. In an age when printed materials continue to be replaced online distribution it's even more important that the printed pieces we produce deliver something that electronic publications can't.

Print provides a feeling of authenticity, honesty and importance that comes from that tangible interaction of holding something in your own hands. Types of printed matter we produce include:

Catalog and Product Guide Design

When Cricket Design Works creates direct mail, print catalogs for clients, our goal is beauty, simplicity and a user-friendly final product. We design pieces that allow customers to explore by category, collection or line as a whole, and then easily focus in on individual items of interest.

Annual Report Design

Cricket Design Works sees every printed piece as an opportunity to tell a story and make a strong branding statement. Annual reports can bring murky and/or daunting facts and numbers to life, which helps stakeholders understand an organization's accomplishments and goals in a given year. In the production of an annual report, we not only help clients fulfill the legal necessity of an annual report, but also use the design of the report to build their brand, communicate the big picture and the minute details. Our team helps organizations and companies get more than they ever imagined out of data-driven pieces like annual reports.

Direct Mail, Sales Kits, Brochures and Booklets

When a brochure or booklet is the best way to disseminate information about your company, organization or brand, Cricket Design Works combines written and visual information seamlessly to create comprehensive pieces that are eye-catching and compelling to readers. We create pieces that are visually appealing and present key material in an easily skimmable format but which also include just the right level of detail for more in-depth understanding.

Business Cards, Letterheads, Marketing Packages

A simple piece like a business card is often the front door into your brand for a potential client or customer, so it's critical that this small item is designed to say the right thing about you and your company. Color, paper stock, and level of sophistication all merge in the first few seconds to create a lasting tactile impression. Cricket Design Works creates beautiful, cohesive identity packages that say everything you want to about your brand in the time it takes to hand someone your business card.

Reports, Studies and White Papers

White Papers and reports are one of our favorite challenges at Cricket Design Works. We love the opportunity to dive into complicated information, learn the content and use our knowledge to craft a design that reinforces the message to general audiences. When a long format document is the best way to disseminate information about your company, organization or brand, we create pieces that engage the reader from cover to cover, ushering them through the document with a blend of substance and variety that will keep them capitivated.

Collateral and SWAG

Sometimes the most memorable elements of a brand are the things we can use everyday. Promotional items such as clothing, pint glasses, and gift certificates, when developed with an eye for longevity and practicality, help create a special bond between customers and brands.


We're fortunate to have had the opportunity to design menus for some of Madison's most esteemed restaurants. Along the way we've become adept at developing printed pieces that are easy to read, resonate with the branding of the organization and enrich the dining experience.

Product Packaging

We're suckers for great packaging. We all passionately collect great packaging and tear it apart to understand its construction and function. The results are that over the years we've developed a rich understanding for the possibilities of packaging solutions and have experience designing and sourcing cost-effective packaging for our clients.