Engaging online experiences down to the pixel

Cricket Design Works has more than 10 years experience designing Web sites large and small, simple and complex. The web environments we create are smart, attractive and tell the world who you are, why you're important in an informative and engaging way.

In the mix of media that can be used to reach people we rely on online experiences to reach new audiences, develop loyalty with existing customers through email marketing campaigns, blogging, and other social media, and to provide a constantly evolving detailed information just a couple clicks away. Our social media initiatives have helped organizations facilitate a rich, multi-channel dialogue with their online community using Facebook, Twitter and blogs to extend their reach and build lasting relationships.

Clients have sought us out to build sites that will increase their market share, reach potential donors and members, to launch a new product, to inform and engage curious passers-by. We have also worked with organizations to create sites that inform unique groups of complex information, research and findings in an accessible way. 

Our approach to designing interactive experiences are similar to other wayfinding situations in physical places or in large documents. We approach content from a user's perspective and their obectives to design an information architecture that's intuitive and engaging. We also have the capabilities to simultaneously build sites that are easy to find through search engine optimization and other tools to enhance findability.

We require that all of our designers have the ability to work with HTML and CSS. A couple of us have designed and built quite a few sites over the past few years. We have great working relationships with collaborators capable of building robust content-management systems and e-commerce functionality when needed. Since we all have experience on the code side, we have developed a strong understanding of functionality and how to work efficiently with the development team. The result makes for a better product, shorter timelines and better budget management.

We've got experience with larger sites that incorporate e-commerce gateways and content-management systems that focus on ease of use for the client. We're always exploring new tools to make rich experiences for users while giving our clients cost effective solutions that allow them the freedom to maintain crucial time-sensitive content independently from us.

We recognize that as technologies are enhanced and organizations grow and change, website and business goals and needs change as well. Our solutions are easily extensible and we are committed to helping our clients create meaningful dialogues online and off, no matter what the future brings.