Strategic by Design

Organizations come to Cricket when they need a brand identity that will stand out in a crowd. They seek a consistent cohesive look, feel and voice to their communications, from print pieces that work in harmony with client and customer values, to online experiences that are representative of their physical environments. We can help with naming and logo development during startup, but the integration of brand into the business goes so much deeper than that. Cricket Design Works chooses to work with clients whose commitment to brand development is paramount to their success.

Cricket Design Works can help with naming, "mark" development, brand positioning, visual identity, and the creation a visual system that permeates every aspect of an organization. We research our clients, their culture, and target audiences to achieve a look and feel appropriate for the job. The result is work that's distinctive to your organization—not ours.

Cricket Design Works has designed integrated branding plans for some of the most recognized brands in Madison, Wisconsin. This work has varied in scope from designing logos and identity packages, to creating beautiful environments for retail, dining and medical facility interiors. Clients of Cricket Design Works include Madison based Fromagination, voted best specialty food store in 2009, and Madison based restaurant Sardine, voted best place for a first date in 2009.