The College Roadmap

Brand Strategy, Naming & Visual Identity, Information Graphics & Data Visualization

Textbook UX design

The complex education system is often prohibitive for many students and their families, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged or for those who have English as a second language. It's easy to be overwhelmed by their journey to and through high school and college.

Created in partnership with Education Analytics (EA) and CORE Districts in California, the College Roadmap report system gives parents and students snapshots of their progress on this path and action steps to reach their destination: College.

The team at CDW brought a refreshing vision on how to bring challenging information to students and families in a way that they would find motivating.

Noah Bookman

Executive Director at CORE Districts

We developed messaging around the theme of this journey to college, creating templates for individualized reports showing data unique to each student, including grades, test scores, attendance and helpful information on improving student outcomes. Our user interviews with teachers, school leaders, school counselors and students across multiple districts in California informed the product and ensured it was useful for these target audiences.

A key component of the College Roadmap are the College Readiness Lanes, which we identified and named for various grade levels. These give students a glance at their progress as they move toward college.

At earlier grade levels there are three lanes, with two additional lanes as students enter high school to provide a broader snapshot of their progress. They’re accompanied by action steps to keep students moving.

We developed supporting assets to help explain where the data comes from, and how it is used to make predictions for students' journey through school.