Strategy Workshop

A digital platform that drives improvements in the classroom

In the classroom, teachers aren't just looking to improve their own performance. It's just as important to help students succeed. Education Analytics (EA) addressed both goals with Strategy Workshop, a digital application that places educators in the role of researchers. The platform facilitates a research-based process whereby teachers can experiment with instructional strategies in the classroom, and gather data that informs their teaching practices in order to drive student achievement.

Our user-centered design approach translated a list of forms into a seamless digital experience. We executed with naming, visual ID and front-end design.

Strategy Workshop draws from a repository of research-based instructional strategies from What Works Clearinghouse. Educators choose a strategy to try with their students, and then create groups for implementation. There are a range of options for comparison groups.

Users are guided through a series of steps to choose their groups, enter relevant information for their units and learning objectives, plan assessments and record other details associated with their study implementation plan. Once their plan is set, they return later to enter data and complete their study.

As teachers implement their study, they can come back to the application to enter assessment data at certain points, which then informs post-study results to determine if the strategy is related to increased achievement in their group. Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their results with some prompts, so they have more information for their next study, or to use should they implement the strategy in their classroom full time.

Since the experience is an independent study, we developed a series of tips for educators at each step of the process to help guide them, posit questions they might find useful and offer things to remember as they implement the study.

The whole process was very satisfying. We not only translated an arcane toolkit of slides and spreadsheets into an intuitive, streamlined process, but we also designed it in a way that felt like part of the EA product family, as well as a unique experience all its own.

Tracy Harris

Creative Director