Rally Analytics Platform

A full stand up of an innovative new product

COVID-19 presented uncertainty and the potential for learning loss unlike anything the education field has ever seen. In response, Education Analytics (EA) launched Rally Analytics Platform, a digital dashboard that gives educators detailed measurements of student performance in order to help teachers predict their performance in the absence of testing data. We used a user-centered design approach to support EA with naming, visual ID and front-end design to make this innovative product as efficient to use as possible.

Rally places well-being data alongside academic data (such as math and ELA) to provide a holistic view of students’ learning trajectories. With this information, teachers can quickly identify academic content to focus on with their students needs. We began with empathy interviews to understand teacher's challenges and desires to support their students. We listened to them as we collaborated with the EA team to co-design a product that incorporated grouping functionality and note-taking tools that teachers could use to quickly make performance-based groups and share notes about students.

We approached the project with pragmatic optimism. The name Rally evokes enthusiasm and excitement while inviting educators to take action. It also ties into the EA brand family via typeface and other visual elements.

On the application itself, we not only included bright colors and bold fonts, but also framed the information as opportunities instead of failures or shortcomings. Educators receive insights, such as well-being information, into how students are performing in academic areas and beyond. They also receive actionable guidance on how to help students improve.

The Cricket team kept us grounded in something people could understand, use and digest; a product that told an actionable story, with inputs from users and research experts.

Noah Bookman

Chief Solutions Officer, Education Analytics