Pasture and Plenty

brand strategy, naming & VISUAL ID, PACKAGING, web design & developement, environmental design

Hyperlocal branding

When AllRecipes veteran Christy McKenzie returned to Madison, her heart was set on creating a multifaceted venture committed to supporting the local food system. Pasture and Plenty has grown to offer meal kits, a cooking school, a takeaway market, and restaurant.

We worked with Christy to design a refined and bold identity system to highlight Pasture and Plenty’s focus on locally sourced, flavorful food, and develop a brand voice that reflects their connection to the community and the land that surrounds us—all with a cheeky and playful sensibility.

Christy had a specific aesthetic in mind, but a very diverse set of needs. Honing in on identity elements that could cross the lines and cover the bases was key.

Bethany Friedericks

Creative Director

Pasture and Plenty’s Meal Kit program provides one cook kit, one ready-to-eat, and one frozen meal to subscribers each week—all made from high quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

The store was originally a Rennebhom's Drug Store. We collaborated with Christy to design the facade to keep the original character of the building and improve curb-appeal. P&P was awarded a historic preservation award for the renovation.