Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

Bridging audiences together for to support conservation

A Site for Explorers

For this WordPress site, we saw a natural opportunity for better storytelling. And with a rebrand fresh under our belts, there was a lot to say. Custom design elevated the content and, the bridge motif displayed prominently on the homepage to convey the work NRF takes to build connections between people and place. A brighter, bolder color palette evokes NRF's renewed commitment to conservation efforts and environmental education. We also retooled navigation to create a more intuitive flow for users.

In addition to utilizing the new brand to give the site a facelift, we considered how we might make it more accessible and usable for everyone who may come across NRF. These considerations resulted in a site that not only looks great, but works for everyone from site admins to the end user.

Amy Drew

Creative Director

While the heart of this work is to build a foundation to conserve the nature of Wisconsin, the mission of this organization is to promote exploration to foster a stronger bond between people and Wisconsin's Environment. And that means field trips. Field trip registration is a major goal for site visitors, so we made it easy for people to sign up and also to get some exposure to the whole organization along the way.

We are getting great comments about the new logo and branding. Everyone loves it! And essentially no complaints – and with 5,000 members you’d think we’d get a couple no matter how good the branding is. Such a win! People especially love the new website.

Shelly Torkelson

NRF Communications Director