Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Website Design

Branding Connections to Nature

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (NRF) is a longstanding conservation non-profit organization that works on both the funding and programming ends to connect people to nature.

NRF approached us in need of a brand overhaul. The brand continually struggled to distance itself from a prior affiliation with the Wisconsin DNR. While the DNR is an admirable org in its own right, the “hook and bullet” audience tends to take a dated approach to conservation. NRF was headed in a more progressive direction, and needed a modernized brand to better pay off their vision.

The new logo flowed from this truth. We wove together land, waters and wildlife into a pictorial mark with natural colors. Most important is the arch shape at the center of the logo, which represents connecting–or more specifically, bridging–people and nature.

In service of launching the new brand, a website revamp was in order. We redesigned the site with clearer calls to action for giving and grant info, plus dedicated landing pages for field trips. Chief among our improvements is the fresh look. We employed a brighter color palette and the bridge motif to convey a sense of modernity and connection.

Print collateral–including pins, t-shirts and bumper stickers–brings the brand to life out in the wild.

NRF officially launched the brand in January 2023 and has revitalized its marketing channels in keeping with the new look and feel.