Creating a guide for everything from grade school to graduation

When it comes to supporting a child through their education journey, it helps to have a personal guide. It also helps to have a manual for quick reference when a little extra assistance is needed. EdNavigator brings both to busy families and students. The organization was in need of a new website that reflected their growing range of service offerings and housed a one-stop reference guide for families that supports the learner's development from infancy to adulthood.

We were challenged to create a website where a busy parent would feel as supported as an employer who wanted to provide "navigation" services as a benefit to their employees. After some initial exploration, we introduced prototypes to parents in interviews to test the usability of our interfaces, and to see if the friendlier typography and color palette hit the right balance of approachability and trustworthiness.

In addition to the sections of the website that describe EdNavigator's service areas, we created a sub brand to help parents navigate their child's education journey on their own: The Busy Family's Guide to School. Complete with age-by-age guidance, do-it-yourself tips and colorful (and relatable) illustrations, the guide serves as a robust resource for taking on each stage of a child's education.

We asked for an educational playbook for parents, but this solution achieves more than that: CDW created an accessible and inclusive space that centers families, provides easy-to-navigate support and infuses a text-heavy resource with humor and heart through every detail.

Kate McGovern

Editorial Director, EdNavigator

To get the word out and drive parents to the helpful guidance contained within The Busy Family's Guide to School, we created a suite of social templates and additional illustrations that grab attention.