Our year in review

It was another year of amazing growth at Cricket Design Works and we are so very grateful to our clients who put their faith in us and worked along side us to do some rewarding projects. With the close of 2014 we did a little navel gazing to review they type of work we did and to cast a gaze out over the horizon to imagine the new jobs and projects that we hold for the year ahead.  

As we look forward to a new year and dream of the creative opportunities that lie ahead here's what we see.  

A shift in our work toward more interactive digital projects with well thought out  printed collateral playing a supporting role. The printed collateral that we create will step outside the traditional box to make a deeper impression, drive online traffic and stay in circulation longer than the expected solutions. 

We will push each other to make our work better and help one another when we need a hand.  We will collaborate more both internally and with our talented network of creative folk - photographers, videographers, writers, and developers to reach an expanding audience. And we will continue to have a good time doing it.   

We aim to have you who have read to the very bottom of this post (thank you!) with us allied in quest to make 2015 a better, more profitable, more meaningful and more beautiful global/local community. Are you with us?  We certainly hope so!