Office management

Even if you know only one thing about Cricket Design Works, it’s probably that we’ve got an awesome office manager, Miss Annie Pants. She greets guests, breaks the ice at presentation meetings, accepts packages from delivery guys and treats from the postman. Most importantly, she is our morale steward, with her tail thumping hellos, occasional hand licks, and willingness to accept a little petting. She’s been holding this position steady for 9 years.

Recently however, Miss Pants has had an occasional Office Assistant, Billie Pickles. Miss Pickles only works Fridays, doesn’t answer phones, and has staked out a spot in the windowsill and the clear space behind one of our monitors. She mostly naps, but occasionally knocks stuff over and plays with art supplies. She’s still in training, but we’re confident that she’ll soon be helping us write press releases.

InBusiness magazine recently contacted us to include us in a story they were putting together on office pets. As Annie has been part of the team for years, and we know a handful of other businesses that have an animal, it seems completely unremarkable that any office would have a pet, however, when we thought more about it, we really don’t see it all that often. Having a good natured pet around who can get along well with strangers, be the occasional necessary distraction, and boost team spirit is all positive, and seems like a win-win. Annie and Billie bring good energy to the studio and really do make us better at what we do.