A Bigger, Bolder Bike Week

Rolling Out a New Look for Madison Bike Week 2024

With more than 80 events happening from June 1–8, Madison Bike Week will be hard to miss.

Madison Bike Week has been a fixture during the first week of June for some time and this year we brought a new face to the fun. Beth Skogen, a board member of Madison Bikes, reached out to our team in February to start getting organized. There are bike shops offering tuneups, coffee and donut stops along the paths and happy hour parties throughout the week, culminating in a big blast Friday afternoon at Brittingham Park.

We had an awesome opportunity to design the visual identity for this year’s Madison Bike Week. Our goal was to create a design that was not only vibrant and engaging but also reflective of Madison's dynamic and inclusive biking culture. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we turned the cranks on this project!

Make It Bold

One of the primary elements we focused on for MBW24 was a strong typographic treatment. We wanted the typography to do more than just convey information; we wanted it to make a statement and capture the energy and movement synonymous with biking. The result was a bold, contemporary typeface and vibrant color palette that commands attention and celebrates the spirit of Bike Week.

Aesthetic: Big Fun For All Bikers

Creating an aesthetic that was happy and accessible was at the forefront of our design process. We aimed for a look that is hip but not too edgy, ensuring it appeals to a wide audience without alienating anyone. We achieved this by combining playful elements with clean lines and modern touches, resulting in an aesthetic that feels both fresh and welcoming.

We incorporated large, eye-catching visuals that capture the joy and dynamism of cycling. These graphic elements are designed to be immediately recognizable and engaging, making the event feel lively and exciting. Whether it’s a cyclist mid-ride or abstract patterns that evoke motion, these graphics add a playful yet sophisticated touch to the overall design.

Versatile and Functional Design Across Multiple Formats

A key challenge in designing for an event like Madison Bike Week is making sure that the visual identity works across various media. Specifically, we created:

  • Bus display ads: Large-scale, high-impact designs that capture attention on the go.

  • T-shirts: Fashion-forward apparel that cyclists can wear with pride, featuring bold graphics and our signature typographic treatment.

  • Stickers: Fun, portable pieces of the event’s identity that can be placed anywhere, spreading the word in a playful way.

  • Posters: Eye-catching and informative, these posters are designed to be displayed around the city, creating anticipation and excitement.

  • Social media graphics: Engaging visuals optimized for various platforms to ensure a consistent and vibrant presence online.

By maintaining a clean and adaptable design framework, we ensured that the visual identity remains strong and recognizable, regardless of where it appears.

"We loved hearing all of the design inspiration, and can’t wait to see where [CDWx] takes this creatively." – Beth Skogen, Board Member

Community-Centric Approach

At the heart of Madison Bike Week is the community it brings together. Our design approach was heavily influenced by the need to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity. We wanted every biker, from casual riders to seasoned cyclists, to feel represented and welcomed. The inclusive design elements and approachable typography contribute to creating a community-centric atmosphere, encouraging more people to participate and celebrate together.

Designing the visual identity for Madison Bike Week 2024 was quite the ride. Catch us out on the paths this week as we celebrate the culmination of a spring’s worth of hard work. Happy pedaling!