Look inside at MMOCA

Is this what art feels like?

Calculating. Re-calculating. Measuring. Taping. Measuring. Taping.
Sometimes re-measuring and re-taping. Forever.

I thought creating a work of art was supposed to be soulful. this felt very much like the opposite. who’s idea was this anyway? oh, yeah I think that was me. will this even work? of course! all the numbers tell me it will work. hopefully. if my calculations are accurate. and my measurements are accurate. again, this doesn’t feel like creating art. if I something doesn’t end up looking quite right I can’t simply erase it or command x it. this is real. and it’s big. 

Paint between the lines. in this case, paint between the tape. 

This isn’t very creative is it?
Paint. Hang. Paint. Hang.
Single solid colors.

Be precise. Be exact.

This feels like the opposite of art.

Why are we doing this?

Label the holes. Label the ropes.  Find their mate.
Thread. Secure.

Hot glue - wait - is there hot glue in real art?
Nobody will see. Will this even work? Raising. Hanging.
Leveling. standing back. a sphere of gradient color in a cube of hanging ropes.
It did work. Exhale.

Maybe it’s art? 

Opening night. strangers interacting! Everone who enters smiles! Joy!

Kids (both in adult and child form) swim through ropes of color.
Someone standing still in the middle slowly spinning a shifting gradient.

Fun happens inside. Perspectives shift. 
A space to be remembered.
A space that’s alive. 

This is what art feels like.