Going Social: A well-designed Facebook campaign earns a small company a big following

Annie - July 8, 2010

ModCloth.com homepage on 7.8.2010.
I’ll be the first one to admit it. I’m a Facebook junkie. Every time I think of something funny or someone says something interesting I think, “That’s my new Facebook status!” Because I am such an avid user, I feel like I am somewhat of an expert and because I have a background in advertising, PR and graphic design, I notice and celebrate when commercial “friends” are using Facebook well.

I noticed ModCloth’s ads right away. They grabbed my attention with headlines like, “Indie Treasure Trove” and “Cover Yourself in Cuteness,” and a recognizable layout which almost always consists of a detailed view and then the full view of a piece of their season’s best vintage-inspired clothing. They could not have targeted me more effectively with those tiny little ads that show up in the right-hand column of my Facebook page. And even though I browsed for some months before purchasing, I was continually reminded in those months to revisit. When I finally needed some new rags, guess where I spent $250? You guess right, ModCloth.com.

After my initial order, ModCloth followed up with great customer service. A letter from the owner thanking me for my purchase and an easy, timely exchange. This is important because now when I see their ads, I think of that too. It inspired me to learn more about the company. Because it was such a personal success story of a husband and wife team, I do really feel a sort of friendly connection with this company. I know it’s run by good people, I know they will always have something cute for me to buy and I know they will always give great customer service. I am happy to give them my money.

It’s amazing that 165×240 pixels could begin such a strong connection between retailer and buyer. Those are some powerful pixels. I don’t know if a television commercial or a magazine ad could have facilitated the same relationship.

Now even when I am not looking to buy and I see that little ad for them on the right, I tend to browse anyhow just to see what’s new.

ModCloth.com is an e-retailer that sells affordable independent designer women’s fashion. They’ve attracted a large, devoted following through their unique selection of indie clothing and engaging promotions on the ModLife Blog and social networks. The company is founded by husband and wife team Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger.

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