Rightfully aQ'sed

Annie - May 19, 2010

all kinds of capital qs

Last summer I went to LA to meet up with my friend Beth. While I was there I met some really smart, cool people. Among them was an ex-designer and photographer working with Beth named Anna. We immediately hit it off when we discovered our mutual distaste for the font Papyrus—which is as prevalent as jade hedges in Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

We talked for a good while about fonts and letter forms. Anna told me about a project she had done in honor of capital Q. She told me her favorite letter was q because in any font, it’s the one letter that you can do pretty much anything with. No other letter has a tail, so capital Q’s can be very interesting and differ radically from one font to another, sort of in the same way ampersands do.

I can’t help wondering what Jessica Hische would say about this. I looked at a bunch of Q’s on her daily drop cap blog and they were all radically different and really fun to look at (like all of her work).

Here are some interesting capital Q’s. Also check out Anna’s project on Flickr.

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