Recap: B Corp Conference 2024

Coming Together to B Better

Way back in March, we made the trip to Vancouver, BC for the 2024 B Corp Conference. With (lots of) time to digest we've finally processed our takeaways from all the happenings. This year's gathering was a real eye-opener as we got to meet folks from all walks of the business world who are committed to doing things a little differently in service of building community, ensuring environmental sustainability and promoting inclusion. 

  1. Joining the Club: One thing was crystal clear: being part of the B Corp crew means you're part of something big. Whether you're crafting design work, selling insurance or promoting beauty products, if you're down to do business with a side of conscience (tbh, we see it more as a main course), you're welcome with open arms. It's like finding "your people."

  2. Conversations Matter: Amidst all the workshops and presentations, the real magic happened in the chats by the coffee stand. We made some new connections with consultants, marketing folks, VC firms, executive coaches, developers and fellow creative agencies. There's nothing like a good-old-fashioned chinwag to uncover what's really going on in the world of business. Taking the time to shoot the breeze with other B Corpers? Totally worth it for the insights and connections. 

  3. The Kids Are on a Planet-Sized Mission: Let's talk about the rising stars — the future leaders who aren't messing around when it comes to climate change. When it comes to names like UN Ocean climate solutionist Bodhi Patil, Afro-indigenous climate advocate Janelle Lapointe and climate justice organizer Naisha Khan, they're not just asking nicely; they want a seat at the table, and they want it now. It's a wake-up call for businesses everywhere to step up and let the newest generation shape the future.

  4. Don't Forget the Basics: At CDW we always say "good ideas can come from anywhere." That includes the past! Innovation doesn't always mean reinventing the wheel, and sometimes we find great inspiration when we look back at how things used to be done. Indigenous communities knew a thing or two about sustainability way before it was trendy; case-in-point are community-supported agriculture models for fishing practices. Maybe it's time we thought about how we can learn from the past. 

  5. Businesses Win When They Care for Their Own: Here's something that can really move the needle — turns out you can make a buck and still give your employees a great work experience. B Corp leaders are proving it every day: we learned about several instances of 32-hour work weeks, unlimited vacation policies and near-zero employee attrition rates. And guess what: productivity is pretty dang high to boot. Hence the profitability! Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? We’re listening and searching for a playbook on how to make these big changes work in smaller orgs like ours. 

  6. Let's Get Real: Collaboration isn’t always easy, folks. We know that as a B Corp, we often fall into the echo chamber trap where we listen only to fellow progressive orgs. If we're serious about making a difference across industries, we need to be willing to get uncomfortable and work with traditional companies to find better ways to do business. It’s all about being pragmatic, rolling up our sleeves and finding common ground.

Looking Ahead

Get ready to party in Milwaukee come 2026! The countdown's on for the next B Corp get-together, and you better believe we'll be ready to welcome the gang with open arms. We can't wait to see what's in store.

So there you have it, folks — the inside scoop on the 2024 B Corp Conference. It was a wild ride, but one thing's for sure: the future of business is looking brighter than ever. Let's keep the momentum going and make some magic happen!

UX/UI Designer Megan Garner (left) and Director of Operations Meena DeFilippis (right) at B Corp Conference 2024 in Vancouver, BC.