What is your role at Cricket Design Works?

I’m an intern. I assist other Cricket designers by making client-requested edits to projects, helping with page layout, and editing photos for an image library. I was recently assigned to come up with the initial designs of a logo for a new client. I did research, created initial sketches, mocked up the logos, met with the client, and created a second draft of logos for their review. This was a really fun project and a great learning experience.
What is your favorite part of what you do?
I come to design with a fine art background, so anytime I can incorporate illustration or a handmade element into a design I get really excited. The initial steps of researching, concept development, sketching out ideas and creating initial designs is the most fun part of the design process for me. Of course, I also love getting to a solid design solution and presenting it to clients. 

What unique background experience do you bring to Cricket Design Works? 
I am passionate about visual art and love the making process. I studied art in both undergrad and grad school (BA in Studio Art from Beloit College and an MFA in Fine Art from the University of Michigan) so I have many years of experience of thinking about and combining color, shape, line and texture. I am currently a Graphic Design student at Madison College.
What's one of your favorite places to go in Madison?
The stretch of Lake Monona that runs from Yahara Park to Olbrich Park. I live between those two parks, so you can often find me walking that pathway and around the neighborhood, alone or while walking my cat, Jojo. The Arts & Literature Laboratory on Winnebago and the Watrous Gallery are two of my favorite places to see art in Madison. When I have the time, you can find me at Polka!Press (www.polkapress.org) making a print.
What do you do for fun?
I love dancing and live music! I like to check out the DJ’s at Queer Pressure. I am also a huge fan of the summer festivals in Madison, especially Marquette Waterfront Fest, Fete De Marquette, Atwood Fest, and the Orton Park Festival. I love to bike. And play ping-pong. 

Favorite wormhole to spend time in?
Since I started design school, I spend a good amount of time collecting inspiration on Pinterest and Designspiration. I recently started spending time on Typewolf for font ideas and typography tips. Oh, and definitely Instagram where I get my daily dose of cats, art, and friends. 

What's your most memorable journey so far in life? And what about it sticks with you? 
The summer after I finished my BA degree, I took a Greyhound bus from Wisconsin to Vermont to be an Apprentice at The Bread & Puppet Theatre (www.breadandpuppet.org) in Glover, Vermont. Bread and Puppet was founded in NYC in 1963, was a very active part of the Vietnam War protests, and continues to be a politically involved organization. We made giant puppets out of paper mache, helped write sketches for our puppet plays, wore backpack puppets, dressed in costume and walked on stilts, and performed in numerous puppet shows and parades. We lived in tents, made communal meals with vegetables from the garden, and started every day together with song. What I remember most are the people I met and the friends I made that summer. Well, and I also remember how dirty everyone was all the time! We could only take one shower a week to conserve water, and it was 90 degree heat a lot of the time. So we had actual dirt rings around our necks! But it’s kind of fun to be super dirty sometimes. It was a wonderful summer!

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