What is your role at Cricket Design Works?

I’m a senior designer at Cricket. I design digital experiences, create printed publications, and work with companies to identify their brand and make the most of it. Here at Cricket, we wear many hats so I occasionally illustrate, art direct photoshoots, and keep our social presence vibrant.



What is your favorite part of what you do?

I love being surrounded by talented and passionate people in an intimate, yet fierce studio atmosphere. I also love the opportunity to learn about multiple fields through our vast array of clients. One day I could be working on a menu for a local restaurant, and the next creating complex user experiences for an education think tank based in D.C. No matter the client, I love connecting with people and creating tools that will make their business thrive.


What unique background experience do you bring to Cricket Design Works?

I worked as a teacher aide in a childcare throughout college, so my knowledge of working with children is pretty good. On occasion, we have photo shoots with young models -- I bring my skillset to the table then.


What is your backstory?

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and haven't lived anywhere else. Family, cheese, and a good job are all I really need. I moved here post-graduation to join my husband as he finished up his graduate degree. I fell in love with the people, my job, and the energetic nature that Madison embodies.


What's one of your favorite places to go in Madison?

When I need to relax and unwind, I take to the water. I've been kayaking regularly for over a year and I’m in love. I have limited capabilities due to a running injury, so I was overjoyed to find something new to do that’s both physical and outdoors.  


A Madison event you never miss is...

Concerts on the Square. One of my fondest Madison memories is getting lost in conversation with my favorite people on Capitol Square, drinking wine, and waiting for darkness to roll over.



What do you do outside of work?

I spend a lot of time with my family because they are really important to me and it grew bigger when I met my husband, Brian. Through him, my spiritual journey began by connecting me to the Church and there aren’t words to express how that changed my life. Also, Brian has family living in Japan whom we visited. It was my first international trip, and it opened my eyes to how people live there. What stuck with me was how minimalistic and caring people are. For example, living in small condos because there isn’t room for big houses. There’s also something called a Moai group which is a group of friends who financially take care of each other. It’s a different mindset from the U.S. and I hope to keep pieces of it with me.






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