1. Designing with one overarching question in mind: “Would I hang that on my wall?”

I love solving puzzles and I strive to create designs that are strong in concept that can be communicated with simple design elements. Every project comes with its own pieces and parts. I LOVE creating long-form reports that include layers of content and infographics. Laying out a 62-page report that is compelling to look at from cover-to-cover is extremely rewarding. 
On the flip-side, creating a singular image that communicates a feeling and personality is also a fun challenge. One of the all-time favorite things I designed was the MIDSOMMER materials for Concerts on the Square. I got to hone in on my Danish heritage to create something really simple and modern. I would hang that on my wall and never get tired of looking at it.  

2. Baking

chocolate/orange macaroon  |  bourbon peach tart  |  salted caramel chocolate  |  strawberry elderberry with smashed meringue
pistachio | chocolate/espresso/bourbon bundt  | flourless chocolate | vanilla/rosemary with raspberry
salted caramel apple | some kind of burnt sugar bundt thing | red hot red velvet | epic yule log (meringue mushrooms by Tracy and fondant creatures by Cricket)

I’ve become the resident baker of birthday cakes at CDW. I enjoy it immensely. Baking a really complicated layer cake reminds me of designing, in a lot of ways. It’s all pieces and parts that come together in a (most of the time) beautiful and delicious way, resulting in happy coworkers. I love creating things that make people happy, whether it's through baking or design. I've even started baking on weekends for a local bakery "just for fun." Because it is! 
3. Playing

It’s rare that I find myself without anything to do. During the summer my nights are filled with lawn game activities. I split my nights between a volleyball team, Kubb team, and Bocce team. When I can’t get outside to play I like to play a variety of board games with friends. Dominion, anyone?

4. Exploring

I love traveling and am fortunate to find myself within a group of friends who travel well together. Some memorable moments in travel have been: conquering my fear of heights by climbing to the top of a wind turbine in Denmark; hiking through a rainforest to a waterfall in Kenya; learning how to surf in Nicaragua; snorkeling with sea turtles and fish in Belize among beautiful coral; playing roller derby the day after Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland; kayaking through a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico; and feeding a sloth his favorite flower in Costa Rica. Sans passport, my favorite explorations have been canoeing and camping through the Boundary Waters on several excursions.  
5. Not Worrying

I’ve developed several life mottos for myself over time. Number one is that worrying is wasted energy. Instead of worrying about something I “say yes” to opportunities that present themselves, I follow my heart when making decisions, and I never stop learning about myself, others, and random facts and inspiration that come in handy in daily life and as a designer.

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