Phil Redman

Project Manager / Web Developer

Phil grew up in small town in southern Wisconsin as a free-range child, wading streams, catching fireflies and generally being back home in time for dinner. An early interest in his natural surroundings and landscape led him to obsess over highway maps while riding shotgun in the Pontiac Grand Safari on family trips to Florida. Armed with a geography degree from the University of Wisconsin he landed a job at the US Geological Survey as a map and publication designer.

Phil has been a part of the evolution of communication technology from the early days of desktop publishing to the mobile revolution. He has trained hundreds of people on Adobe Creative Suite applications, managed an enterprise publishing production system, and has designed award winning maps, publications, and websites for earth sciences. After a full career in the public sector he's excited to work in a small business where collaboration, learning, and a passion for solving problems fuel his fire.

Current faves:

  • Experimental music
  • Bourbon
  • Stormy weather