Cricket Design Works

Kristin ‘Cricket’ Redman


Cricket grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts in the 70s, the daughter of an entrepreneurial mechanical engineer and a home economist/master seamstress and from them she got the genes to make stuff. In college she chose to study biology and art, and then design at the Rhode Island School of Design. During rough economic times she turned back to biology and got a job in environmental consulting which led her to Wisconsin to get an M.S. in Oceanography and Limnology. In grad school she enjoyed making charts, graphs, powerpoints and maps much more than she did doing stats and reading journal articles. After a couple years back in the field as an environmental scientist she ditched that career and built up a graphic/web design portfolio and got a job at a nice agency in town. She worked there for a couple years before leaving to start her own freelance gig that evolved over the course of 10 years into the thriving studio that turns out great work for great clients. Cricket has also taught in the Graphic Design program at Madison Area Technical College and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Graphic Design Program. She also serves on the board as the VIce President for Design Madison, and speaks on creativity, design thinking and process when asked.

Current favs: Seed catalogs, frites, practicing ukelele, Hammond B3, trail running, yoga, and a good book - always looking for a good book!

Tracy Harris

Senior Designer

Tracy is a designer, knitter, photographer, printmaker, runner, foodie, social media nerd, and resident DJ. She hails from a sleepy central Wisconsin small town, where she learned that making things was what she needed to do to stay excited. She left that small town behind in exchange for bigger small-town Madison, where she completed her Bachelor's degree from the UW-Madison in Art, and an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Madison College. Tracy is always jumping at the chance to learn something new, and relishes the opportunity to get her hands dirty making stuff from scratch. When she's not hard at work at the studio, she's stretching her creativity in other directions by knitting sweaters or experimenting with vintage film cameras.

Current favs: polaroid, layers, wool, kitties, road trips, sushi, landscapes, beer, PMS 159 orange, and dotted lines

Miss Annie Pants

Office Manager

Annie was born under Cancer and led a hard-knock life until she landed in Madison and was adopted by Cricket and Phil. Since then it's been easy living-laying on the couch eating bon-bons in between stints working at the studio—greeting visitors and delivery people, cleaning dishes, reading and responding to e-mails from her fans.

Current favs: Greg the UPS Guy, biscuits, belly rubs

Bethany “Hopscotch” Friedericks

Senior Designer

When Bethany was in second grade she threw a fit after her babysitter gave her colored pencils when everyone else received Pound Puppies for Christmas. Years later she was majoring in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the same small Danish (Nebraskan) college where her parents met. Born in Iowa and raised in Kansas, she planted her Midwestern roots in Madison after graduation. When she's not busy making things pretty you'll most likely find her on skates playing roller derby with the Mad Rollin' Dolls where she has just been elected General Manager. Bethany brings a solid twelve years of award-winning design experience to Cricket and is excited to continue learning and creating smart work with her fellow Cricketeers. 

Current favs: japonés, roller skating, fancy cocktails with fancy foods, traveling, reality tv and also good tv

Sarah Kissel

Studio Manager

Sarah’s resume looks like it belongs to few different people: child radio actor, housekeeper, machine hand at a paper mill, waitress, aerobics instructor, editor, lawyer, union representative, campaign coordinator, stay at home mom, yoga instructor — and now resident bookkeeper and studio manager at Cricket Design Works. Returned to Madison after a short stint as a Floridian, Sarah is pleased to be back in the company of alligator-free fresh water, cool breezes and an abundance of wicked smart folk. Luckily for her, the studio is full of this sort and she loves being  part of such a creative, fast-paced environment.

When away from work, Sarah enjoys the crazy pace of her 3 kids, husband and exuberant puggle dog. Together, they enjoy camping, reading out loud and ending each week with Friday homemade pizza night. They’re known to throw over-the-top birthday parties for all three daughters based on their favorite books, and bust out in impromptu dance parties. In the precious few moments to herself, Sarah delights in yoga, logic puzzles, knitting, cross-country skiing, and reading.

Current favs: Dark coffee, dark chocolate, and dark beer. Hmmm. Macklemore, renovating old houses, singing out loud and deep breaths.

Michael Sambar

Graphic Design Intern

Born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Michael spent much of his youth riding skateboards, drawing pictures and attempting to start bands with his friends. As a child of international parents, his summers were full of traveling, and he was lucky enough to experience a variety of places as distant as Norway and Israel, and as close as Chicago and the Porcupine Mountains. After high school, he attended UW-Madison where he started an engineering degree but soon realized that his true calling was in art. He transferred to UW-Milwaukee and studied graphic design, gaining an appreciation for the balance between creativity and problem-solving which design offers. Upon graduating, Michael worked on an herb farm in Denmark, roamed around China with a good pal, and formed a short-lived punk band called Telecraft. He is now the newest intern at Cricket, eagerly learning the ins-and-outs of the business while acquainting himself with the lovely city of Madison.

Current favs: UFOs, Holograms (the band), fresh coconuts, Ludwig Wittgenstein, cave paintings, Denmark, bike-riding, sometimes cooking relatively edible meals

Ms. Millie


Ms. Millie left her sad sack life in St. Louis for the love, comfort and food of Madison. While ghostlike in appearance and demeanor, she is at her most playful and expressive and true to her species in the safe confines of studio where she follows the lead of her friend and mentor, Miss Annie Pants.

Current favs: food dropped on the floor, a soft bed, new snow, anyone over the age of 18, non-flash photography, shredding paper, and pink hair dye

Christina King

Graphic Designer

Christina's childhood zoological ambitions ended the moment her pet dog got a tick. It was then that she decided to stick to drawing animals instead of saving them.  Every holiday, family members would receive an elaborate card featuring a hand-drawn animal in its natural environment, posed and wishing you a “Happy _____”. She has since carried on the tradition, but has evolved into a [slightly] more sophisticated form of illustrative design and printmaking. She has worked as a designer for more than ten years, both at large global firms and small boutique design shops, as well as independently.  When not behind the computer, she is cooking up healthy, tasty food for her family and loving every second of being a "Mommay" to her toddler, Anna.  Be it design or cooking, her approach is to avoid the ordinary in her ideation and find the best creative solutions. She is one of the movers and shakers behind Polka! Press, one of Madison’s community printworks, and her work has been featured in the AIGA 365 annual, Print and HOW magazines.

Current favs: having dance parties with her family to the Sat. Nite Duets, lentil tacos, parsnips, botany, jogging, ogling furniture on craigslist, hittin’ up tha bulk aisle, ghostwriting letters to the Willy St. Co-op Reader

Leah Caplan

Brand Strategist

From the DiGiornio pizza that vastly improved the frozen pizza experience for millions of American home cooks to the thousands of acres of organic wheat and flax growing in formerly fallow fields on Washington Island to co-founding Death's Door Spirits, Chef Leah Caplan has helped shape the world with her sense of flavor and her business appreciation for local food traditions. She grew up in places as diverse as Hong Kong and Japan, and began traveling throughout Asia and Europe at the age of five. She still recalls her first mango, eaten at a floating market in Thailand, a taste revelation that launched her respect for food as a means of communication that transcends language barriers. Leah has appeared on the radio and television as an expert in the world of local and sustainable foods, wine, spirits, food preparation and restaurant trends. She brings her extensive passion for and knowledge of the food industry and the world to brand management for our clients – and spices things up with the occasional Cricketeer cooking demos.

Current favs: turmeric, primitivo, long bike rides with any destination, TV, being on or in any water, pretending I care about football, and narcissus

We are located downtown, just west of UW-Madison at:
1925 Monroe Street No. 3
Madison, WI 53711
Ph. 608.255.0002
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For more information, please email us at misspants {at}

We're hiring!

Senior Visual Designer

Cricket Design Works is seeking a senior visual designer to help create brands and experiences that engage, enlighten and inspire. We're looking for a mix of strategic and technical skills, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and experience leading clients and design teams to create exceptional work.

You'll be:

  • Creating visual identity systems
  • Designing smart UX/UI for web and mobile
  • Designing print reports, collateral, environmental exhibits, retail environment and possibly packaging

You should have:

  • A few years of design experience in a professional environment
  • A solid understanding of human centered design
  • A love of beautiful experiences and up-to-date knowledge of UX/UI design best practices
  • Exceptional typography and layout skills
  • Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Great communication skills and an ability to sell your work to the internal team and the client
  • Experience with responsive design and collaborating with front-end developers
  • A passion for making things by hand and merging analog and digital methods to reach the best result
  • A joy for the challenge to work on multiple projects simulltaneoulsy, keeping quality high and managing timelines or budget

About Cricket Design Works:
We design print and electronic experiences that inspire, engage and guide people to find what they are looking for. We are passionate about human centered design, design thinking, brand strategy, experience design, illustration, and communication design.

Design is a process for solving problems, and we strive to change the way businesses work with designers. All of our team members play a part in shaping the future of these relationships and the success of our organization.

Since founding our studio in 2002 we've been developing new ways to help clients build their organizations and communicate better with their audiences. We work with a range of clients including retailers, restaurants, and local small businesses; corporations, non profits and public sector agencies. Our work is strategic by design. Sometimes we're working on a brand platform, discussing value propositions or hosting a workshop to refine a clients' vision and mission, other times we're sketching logos, making wireframes and designing cross-platform campaigns or annual reports.

We're a small team but our business is growing. We are a transparent organization without sales staff, an HR department or middle-managers to report to. We are just designers, thinkers and makers here and we'd love to have you join our merry little band.

Submission Details
To apply, please send a link to your portfolio, resume and cover letter to
Please keep attachments less than 5mb.

We're hiring!

Graphic Design Intern

You're an ambitious self-starter with strong portfolio, minimum 3-4 years of working experience in graphic design, the practical know-how to take a print project from concept through production, source vendors and press check. You know Adobe CS better than the back of your hand. Preferably you'd also have experience with 3D design (signage/environmental and packaging) and/or interface design (with understanding of HTML 4/5, CSS). Knowledge of Flash, jQuery or good front-end coding skills would be a plus.

The full-time position will allow you to work on a broad range of projects: identity, print, environmental graphics, packaging, ads, books, web design (writing code not required). We're looking for someone who can manage schedules and budgets well and can work creatively alone or in a team. We are a small tightly-knit crew who work closely with each other and our clients. You should know how to have fun, and be good with sharing your knowledge and work. Project Management and planning skills are crucial—as is attention to detail. Your salary will be commensurate with your experience

Submission Details
Interested? Email your cover letter, and resume to

Other Ways To Apply
You can also kick it old school and send us hardcopies in the mail:
ATTN Miss Pants
Cricket Design Works
1925 Monroe Street, No 3.
Madison, WI 53711